Reading Challenge 2019

Reading Challenge 2019

The challenge is to read 24 books before the end of 2019. Read one book for each prompt, books cannot be used for more than one prompt. Simple right?

So the prompts are:

  1. a book with a one word title

  2. a book published in 2019

  3. the first in a series

  4. the last in a series

  5. a bestseller

  6. a book with a persons name in the title

  7. a book related to something cold

  8. a book that includes a journey

  9. a dystopian book

  10. a book with a blue cover

  11. a debut novel

  12. a book with 500+ pages

  13. a graphic novel

  14. a retelling

  15. a book of short stories or poetry

  16. a self published book

  17. a fantasy

  18. a thriller

  19. a non-fiction book

  20. a book based on mythology\legend

  21. a book written by a female author

  22. a book with magic

  23. a book with a colour in the title

  24. a biography

I want to read at least 24 books by the end of 2019. Admittedly I am starting this late but oh well better late than never. You can follow me on Goodreads to see how I’m getting on.

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